Salvo Loading Dock Safety System for Manual Doors (SAMD Kit)

The manual door system uses an automatic door locking device (SADL) to safeguard the manual door from being opened under unsafe conditions. The Salvo Gladhand (SGL) is applied to the trailers air brakes, and the key is released and inserted into the Salvo Control Panel (SCP). The SCP sends a signal to the SADL, which is mounted on the inside of the dock. The SADL can either unlock the door directly or unlock a chain barrier that is used across the dock entrance. Once loading/unloading is complete, the process can be reversed. The dock door can be closed, engaging the SADL, sending a signal back to the SCP. This releases the key from the SCP and it can then be inserted in the SGL on the trailer to disengage the SGL, allowing the trailer’s air brakes to be reconnected, and the truck to drive away safely.

For further technical information please refer to the datasheet.

Salvo SAMD Kit Data Sheet

994 Ko

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