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Wincanton Salvo

Wincanton swayed by Salvo’s simplicity

Wincanton, the UK’s second-largest logistics company, has demonstrated its increasing faith in Castell’s Salvo by installing the drive-away safeguard system across all 11 loading bays of its West Thurrock site. This is now the fourth Wincanton distribution centre to be protected by Salvo.

“There were three clinching factors behind our decision to go with Salvo”, comments Simon Kirwin, Wincanton’s Health & Safety Manager at West Thurrock. “First, the simplicity of the system. Second, its low cost when compared to alternative vehicle-restraint technologies. And third, the fact that we’ve had nothing but positive feedback from other warehouses that have been using Salvo, be they Wincanton-owned or otherwise.”
John Fry, Operations Manager at West Thurrock, takes up Simon’s point about simplicity: “Salvo was almost tailor-made for our existing operating system, so incorporating it caused very little upheaval. It might add a few seconds to the procedure, but what’s that against someone’s life?”

Drivers arriving at the site report to the operations office where they swap their paperwork and gate pass for a Salvo lock. Having reversed their trailer up to the appropriate loading bay, they fit the Salvo to the emergency airline coupling, releasing the uniquely-coded key from the end of the unit. Returning to the office, they hand in the key, which is then picked up by a warehouse operative and used to open the relevant bay door. This action changes the external traffic light from green to red, informing drivers that loading or unloading is taking place.

Once loading or unloading is complete, the operative closes the door and removes the key, turning the traffic light back to red and letting drivers know that their trailer is ready to be collected. Drivers return to the office, are handed the key and use it to remove the Salvo from the airline coupling. Only by giving the Salvo back to the office can drivers recover their completed paperwork and gate pass. The latter is compulsory if drivers want to leave site and ensures that Salvo units remain on site.