FS / Q – Switchgear Interlock

The FS and Q Interlocks are designed for use as a mechanical interlock for electrical switchgear. This is achieved through a mechanical connection to the isolation equipment. The standard unit is fitted with a 9.5mm square x 22mm spigot that can be used to operate an isolator. Inserting and turning the key moves the spigot through a predetermined angular position (45°/65°/90° clock or anti clock wise) moving the isolator to closed. Rotating the key in the opposite direction will open the isolator and will release the key. The free key can then be transferred to operate a parallel supply stream or an access interlock. The FS and Q locks are manufactured in brass or stainless steel.

For further technical information please refer to the user manual.

FS / Q – Switchgear Interlock User Manual

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