Type DM Interlock

KIRK® Type DM access interlocks provide a physical barrier to either partial or full body access points until risk of hazardous energy or moving equipment has been mitigated.

All Type DM interlocks have two parts; a main body with one or two cylinders and a latch bolt with chain (or spring latch). When the latch bolt is separated from the main body, the key(s) is trapped in the lock. When the door on which the interlock is mounted is properly closed, the latch bolt can be inserted into the main body and the key(s) can be turned and released.

An exception to this rule is a multiple cylinder Type DM interlock which allows release of a “personnel” key when the door is opened. The personnel key can be put in the pocket of the maintenance person ensuring that the door cannot be closed and locked while the released personnel key is on the person.

The Type DM is available in both SD and HD series.

For further technical information please refer to the datasheet.

Type DM Interlock Data Sheet

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