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Loading Dock Safety Solutions

Safeguard against accidental drive-aways with Salvo Loading Dock Safety Solution, a unique trailer restraint system to keep workers safe.


Safeguard Against Accidental Drive-Aways at the Loading Dock with Salvo

A unique trailer restraint system to keep workers safe

The loading dock is notorious for being one of the most hazardous areas in any facility. Each year, thousands of accidents occur during loading and unloading processes, leading to injuries, damaged goods, and costly downtime. According to industry statistics, loading dock accidents, including accidental drive-aways, account for a significant percentage of workplace injuries, costing businesses millions in expenses and lost productivity.

Salvo™, our cutting-edge Loading Dock Safety Solution, is here to revolutionize the way loading docks operate. Designed to prioritise safety and efficiency, Salvo™ aims to keep personnel safe and streamline loading dock procedures, making it a game-changer for facilities of all sizes.


How the Salvo Loading Dock Safety Solution Works:

Salvo safeguards against accidental drive-aways at the loading dock by utilising trapped key interlocking principles to drive a forced sequence of safe loading/unloading operations.

The loading dock safety solution interlocks the trailers air brakes with the loading dock door, ensuring that the trailer cannot pull away until the loading/unloading process is complete.

Lock Out the Trailer

Apply the Salvo Glad hand/Suzie onto the trailer’s emergency brake coupling. The Glad hand/Suzie’s trapped key can only be released once this condition is met. This will ensure that the brakes are locked and the air pressure cannot be re-applied.

Secure Access

Insert the key into the Salvo control panel or door lock. The door can now be opened. During loading/unloading the key will be trapped in the control panel or door lock and can only be removed once loading/unloading is complete and the dock door is locked closed.

Safely Perform Loading Operations

When loading/unloading is completed and the key has been released from the control panel or door lock, insert the key into the Salvo Glad hand/Suzie. The Glad hand/Suzie can now be removed and the driver can depart safely.

Key Benefits & Features:

Safeguard Against Drive-Aways
Low Maintenance
Ability to Gather Real-Time Operational Data
Quick & Simple Installation
Swap Body Compatible
No Concrete Work Required
Compatible with US, EU, and UK Style Couplings
Component Alarm System

A Versatile Safety Solution Suited for a Wide Range of Loading Operations

Salvo goes beyond safeguarding against accidental drive-aways at the loading dock; it extends its protection to a diverse range of loading structures. With a firm commitment to safety, we have developed a revolutionary system that ensures not only secure loading dock operations but also safeguards various other loading scenarios. Whether it’s a loading dock, gangway platform, open loading platforms, or any other loading environment, Salvo is here to provide you with peace of mind and an unmatched level of safety. Discover the power of our versatile solution and take charge of your loading operations like never before.

Loading Bay safety solutions Gangway
Loading bay safety solutions and open loading
Gangway Platforms
Open Loading Platforms
Loading docks

Driving away from a gangway loading platform while still connected can cause damage to equipment and personnel. Safety is crucial when dealing with flammable or corrosive liquids. Salvo’s forced sequential loading process ensures loading is complete before the vehicle can drive away.

Open-sided loading platforms pose safety risks to workers, machinery, and materials due to their exposed edges. Incorporating the Salvo solution can reduce the risk of falls and drive-aways.

The versatile solution is compatible with both automatic and manual loading dock doors. Additionally, this safety solution can integrate with the equipment and systems already in use, offering a convenient and adaptable approach to enhancing loading dock safety.

Maximize Loading Dock Efficiency with Salvo

Gain valuable performance insights while keeping the loading dock safe with our web-based software add-on, Salvo InSite.

Salvo loading bay safety solutions provide efficiency

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