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OEMs safety solutions

In the dynamic landscape of the OEM sector, safety stands as a crucial pillar. Manufacturers prioritize protocols to protect both workers and end-users. Our solutions allow them to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of their products.

We ensure original equipment manufacturer safety

The OEM sector presents innovative opportunities for product development, yet it also introduces novel complexities in ensuring safe operations and regulatory compliance.

Quality assurance

Ensuring safety standards in every unit produced demands rigorous testing and monitoring.

Regulatory compliance

Navigating complex safety regulations to meet standards while maintaining operational efficiency poses challenges.

Supply chain disruption

Obtaining safety-critical components becomes uncertain during disruptions, potentially compromising product safety.

Sustainability requirements

Balancing safety and sustainability goals requires innovative solutions and resource-efficient practices.

Safety solutions tailored to original equipment manufacturer

Empowering OEM safety with trapped key interlock solutions.

Within the sector’s complex landscape, marked by supply chain disruptions and stringent regulations, trapped key interlock is a tailored safety solution which controls access to vital equipment.

OEMs can then confidently address safety challenges, safeguarding their workforce and reputation.

Where can trapped key solutions be found?

Machinery access, safety cabinets, manufacturing lines, conveyor systems or control panels can all be safely protected by a trapped key interlock solution.

From maintenance to servicing, our solutions enhance safety against accidental start-ups and blockages. This ensures that both equipment and personnel are protected.

Safety solutions ensure

Access control

Restrict access, promoting safety and prevent unauthorized use of machinery.

Accident prevention

Reduce the risk of accidents by controlling equipment access and sequences.

Adherence to standards

Ensure safety measures align with
industry and internal standards, avoiding
non-compliance issues.

Workforce protection

Safeguard the wellbeing of employees before and during operations.

Enhanced quality

Consistency in safety measures to improve product quality.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

The growth of the OEM sector has ushered in fresh challenges in ensuring safety during the design, production, installation, and maintenance of cutting-edge equipment and machinery.

What are our customers saying?

“Our first experience with Sentric was very good. The system protects the area without any unnecessary complications. Simple, but efficient. Ideal for our new wind turbine platform.”

Christoph Babbe Eno Energy

“My experience with Sentric was a positive one. Responsive, they have good communication skills, and are willing to collaborate. The quality of the product is also very good. I think these great quality products certainly bring value our company.”

SCM & Sourcing Coordinator from one of the leading switchgear OEMs


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