Sentric unites Castell, Kirk, Salvo, STI & Zonegreen


Aggregates safety solutions operations in cement plant


Elevate safety in Aggregates operations with our tailored solutions. From mining to processing, we prioritize secure and efficient processes, safeguarding personnel and equipment.

Pulp and paper safety solutions

Pulp & Paper

Enhance safety in the Pulp and Paper industry using our expert solutions. From mills to production lines, we ensure secure and efficient operations, prioritising worker wellbeing and productivity.

Steel and metal safety solutions

Steel & Metals

Mitigate risks in Steel and Metal operations. Our safety solutions optimize manufacturing reliability while upholding the highest safety standards, keeping your teams productive and safe.

Waste and Recycling safety solutions

Waste & Recycling

Ensure safety excellence in Waste and Recycling operations. From collection and transportation, to the sorting and management of hazardous material, we contribute to a safer and cleaner environment.