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NSK improves loading bay safety at Netherlands warehouse

NSK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial and automotive components, has chosen Castell’s drive-away safeguard system Salvo™ to protect staff at its warehouse in Tilburg, Netherlands.

NSK’s huge facility distributes more than 4,000 pallets a month across the whole of Europe and North Africa. Customers include Ford, Volkswagen, Siemens and Bosch.
Salvo™ has been installed on 12 loading bays, while NSK has also bought four Salvo™ Club steering wheel locks to safeguard deliveries made by rigid vehicles. There have been no reported health and safety incidents since Salvo™ was commissioned at the Tilburg site.
Having reversed their vehicle onto the relevant loading bay, drivers install the Salvo™ SGL lock on the exposed emergency airline coupling, releasing a trapped key. This key is then inserted and turned in the Salvo™ Control Panel (SCP+) on the outside of the bay. An amber beacon illuminates on the inside to indicate that the loading bay is now safe and ready to use. The loader opens the door, trapping the key in the SCP+ outside. While the door remains raised and the key trapped in the control panel, the trailer cannot be moved.

NSK has also installed Salvo™ at its distribution centre in Newark, UK.