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Precast Concrete Industry – Application Series: 2 of 5 Gravel Pits: Confined Space

Gravel Pits: Confined Space – Trapped Key Interlock Safety Solutions

Accidents in confined spaces continue to be one of the most common causes of work related fatalities in the UK accounting for 5 to 7 per cent of all workplace fatalities

Τhe storage of aggregate for various usage can lead to the potential risk to personnel involving engulfment within hoppers (confined space) and loss of materials due to incorrect materials loading. Protecting workers from confined space hazards that can occur during maintenance, cleaning, filling, and unloading of hoppers is critical within a gravel pit.

Confined spaces claim the lives of as many as 30 people in the UK each year

Interlocking access doors/gates around conveyor systems and hoppers will ensure that entry can only be gained after the power has been isolated and residual energy has ceased. Understanding the access points, partial or full body, will help determine the best interlocking solution to safely manage access to the hoppers and surrounding areas that could pose a confined space hazard.

60% of confined space fatalities are rescuers – Let’s change the statistics and enhance your safety!

Trapped key interlock safety solutions ensure a pre-determined sequence of operations each & every time. While LOTO provides a visual warning and identifies hazards, a TKI solution physically prevents a specific set of actions from being performed until previous action(s) have been fully completed!