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Zonegreen secures landmark maintenance contract

October 2023

Rail safety specialist, Zonegreen, is marking a milestone in its development, after signing a maintenance contract with a 50th UK depot.

The Sheffield-based firm has struck a deal with Northern Trains to maintain its Depot Personnel Protection System (DPPS) at Hull’s Botanic Gardens facility.

Zonegreen will be conducting biannual visits to Hull to ensure DPPS is in good working order. The first is scheduled for November this year.

DPPS was installed recently in the two-road maintenance shed at Botanic Gardens, as part of a multi-million-pound overhaul to increase servicing capacity. The automated safety system protects staff by using Network Rail-approved derailers, operated by intelligent control panels, to create safe zones in which personnel can work.

Christian Fletcher, Zonegreen’s head of engineering, said: “The RSSB estimates impaired health costs the rail industry £899 million annually, with 1.3 million days lost to sickness alone. As this is twice the national average, it is evident a clear focus on safety must be prioritised.

“Technology is playing a significant role in mitigating the considerable risks faced by depot staff and making the UK rail industry one of the safest in the world. It is imperative, however, to complete planned preventative maintenance (PPM) to achieve optimum performance. Regular PPM visits make sure essential checks are carried out on critical components and can help identify potential problems before they become actual ones.

“We are pleased Northern Trains has recognised the benefit of scheduled maintenance to protect its investment at Botanic Gardens and the increasing number of staff working there. To be taking care of the protection systems at no less than 50 UK depots really underlines the high regard in which our expertise is held.”

Zonegreen’s highly skilled team not only maintains its flagship DPPS, but also protection systems installed by other manufacturers. For more information, telephone (0114) 230 0822 or visit