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Data Center safety solutions

In the realm of data center, security is paramount. We are dedicated to fortifying these critial facilities with robust safety solutions, safeguarding data integrity and operational continuity.

We ensure data center equipment & operation safety

Data centers face a significant safety challenge in protecting their valuable equipment and data from unauthorized access, theft, and environmental risks. That’s why we provide tailored solutions to ensure:

Power supply control

Our safety solutions ensure stable electricity provision, preventing disruptions and equipment damage.

Reliable uptime

Improving data center operation by minimising downtime and guaranteeing uninterrupted services.

Safe maintenance

Our aim is to make the safety of your staff and equipment an absolute priority, whether during repair or maintenance operations.

Process monitoring

We monitor safety processes, which involves vigilant surveillance to detect and deal with potential risks in operations.

Safety solutions tailored to data center operations

We prioritize uninterrupted and safe operations. Moreover, we understand the unique challenge and critical nature of data center environments.

That’s why we supply tailored solutions to safeguard your data integrity and personnel safety.

Where can trapped key solutions be found?

These solutions are implemented on access doors to server rooms, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter by exchanging keys in a specific sequence.

In addition, this solution can be implemented on the Maintenance Bypass System (MBS) to ensure the system has been safely isolated during maintenance operations.

Commercial backup generator. A standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates automatically.  A standby power system may include a standby generator, batteries and other apparatus.

Safety solutions allows to

Strict access control

Limiting unauthorized entry to reduce security breaches.

Avoid downtime

Prevents equipment mishaps, reducing damage and downtime risks.

Elevate Data Centre Safety with our solutions. From power distribution to cooling, we ensure seamless operations, prioritising safety for critical data infrastructure.

Emergency procedure

Quickly, easily and safely respond to critical
situations like fires or power failures.

Reduced human error

Minimizes human error with key sequences, enhancing data center safety.

Meeting compliance

Ensures regulatory compliance with controlled access and safety measures.


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