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Arla Salvo

Arla installs Salvo at third site

Arla Foods, the UK’s leading supplier of fresh milk and cream, has installed Castell’s Salvo on 16 loading bays at its state-of-the-art dairy in Leeds. The facility handles between 100 and 200 vehicle movements a day and is the third Arla site to have entrusted driveaway safeguard to the interlocking system.

“This is the one system that gives me confidence,” commented Darren Fisher, despatch manager at Leeds. “It’s done exactly what I wanted it to do.”
Darren learnt of Salvo via Arla’s national despatch managers forum, and specifically from his counterpart at the company’s Palmers Green site. Although traditionally wary of key-driven systems, Darren was impressed by the demonstration of Salvo he received at Palmers Green, and placed the order for Leeds dairy shortly afterwards.

Shunters at Leeds reverse their trailer up to the relevant loading bay, collect a Salvo Susie lock from a storage box and fit it to the trailer’s emergency air line coupling. With the trailer now immobilised, the shunter takes the key released from the end of the Susie and inserts it into the Salvo control panel inside the warehouse. Turning the key switches on internal beacons and allows the bay door to be raised. The key remains trapped in the control panel while the door is open. Once loading or unloading is complete, the sequence is reversed.
Leeds dairy is also using three Salvo Clubs to safeguard rigid vehicles. Like Salvo Susie, the device relies on trapped key technology, but is fitted to a vehicle’s steering wheel.