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Castell Digitises Existing Salvo Loading Bay Safety System

Sentric Digitises Existing Salvo Loading Bay Safety System 

New Salvo InSite Platform Transforms Loading BayThrough Data Analytics Salvo InSite product

Sentric Safety Group introduced their first digital product, Salvo InSiteas part of their Salvo Logistic Solutions product range

The Salvo InSite platform digitises the Salvo Loading Bay Safety System, currently in use at tens of thousands of bays around the worldThe new development launches Sentric into the digital product arena with a web-based software application that allows the company to provide optimised productivity as well as safety to the loading bay environment. 

Benefits for Customers 

The value of the product lies in the data it provides and the ability to see into an environment that was blurred by inaccurate, time consuming and expensive processes. With Salvo InSite, facilities can now optimise performance by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks in loading bay operations through automatic data capture and visualisation. Results can be tracked by gaining a greater understanding of how operational changes are affecting loading bay performance through dashboards, historical reports and live KPI’s. With Salvo InSite, safety at the bay can now be managed through site usage reports, ensuring that the loading bay safety system is being used correctly. The digital solution is also reducing the costs and effort associated with manual data entry, analysis, detention fees and claims, through automatic data capture and historic traceability capabilities. With these features’ facilities can make informed decisions, ensuring maximised productivity at the loading bay is achieved while keeping personnel safe. 

Our strong relationships with our Salvo Loading Bay Safety customers, allowed us to gain insight into other problems at the loading bayWe became aware of the lack of data available in this environment and found that detention fees, poor bay utilisation and manual data entry are serious problems that are affecting facilities. These issues often make it difficult to plan bay activities, hamper site performance, and result in inaccurate data and high costs. Our goal in developing this solution is to transform loading bays into a safe, efficient and data centric environment. 

 – David HughesGlobal Sales Director 

The Technical Details 

The web-based platform is an add on to the Salvo Loading Bay Safety System that has been sold worldwide for over 15 years. The digital solution collects bay activity data from an IOT module installed in the Salvo control panel. The IOT module works on cellular technology allowing for an infrastructure free network or requiring access to site Wi-Fi. The plug and play module approach means a quick and simple set up, reducing any downtime associated with installation. Data is captured 24 hours a day and sent to the cloud where it is stored securely on a protected cloud database. The collected data can then be viewed through a simple web interface providing the user real time bay status, performance analytics and traceability reports from any browser worldwide. The Salvo InSite platform is in use at several test sites and has received positive feedback as well as proved its value in providing accurate data to a previously blurred environment.