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Salvo case study: DHL Czech Republic

DHL ensures a safe and ultimately secure loading dock environment with Salvo

Founded in the United States in 1969, DHL is a company with a longstanding history
and have revolutionised the world of logistics on an international scale. They offer an unrivalled portfolio of logistics products and solutions across the globe, ranging from domestic and international parcel delivery to express, road, air, and ocean freight, to end-to-end supply chain management

Challenge: DHL have a warehouse and distribution centre in the south region of the Czech Republic, with 19 docks that are extensively used for loading and unloading. Looking to mitigate any potential and critical mishaps involving trucks leaving the docks with forklift drivers inside, DHL were looking for a solution to safeguard against unscheduled drive-aways.

Solution: DHL wanted a cost-effective solution to prevent unscheduled drive-aways at their loading dock, and to keep personnel safe. Enter Salvo. Salvo implemented a unique trailer restraint system to keep workers safe while meeting facility requirements and ensuring ultimate efficiency.

Results: DHL were thrilled with the results, and have seen and felt the difference since the Salvo safety solution was implemented at their distribution centre. The loading dock environment is now ultimately safe, with the risk of human error mitigated and peace of mind restored.

Salvo at the dock door

After the decision was made to install Salvo’s safety solution in our loading dock environment, the process itself was quite fast! Now our drivers know how it works, and we have peace of mind.

Jana Čechová Administration Manager, DHL – Levi‘s

The Salvo loading dock safety system ensures ultimate safety for personnel in DHL’s Czech Republic warehouse

When DHL contacted Salvo about implementing a cost-effective
solution to safeguard against unscheduled drive-aways at their loading dock in the Czech Republic to keep their personnel safe, there was no doubt about it – Salvo was going to be the safety solutions provider they needed.

It’s a funny story how Salvo caught the attention of DHL, and it’s certainly unique. A member of staff on the Czech Republic DHL team saw a video on TikTok made by another company’s truck driver. The driver carefully and enthusiastically speaks about, and showcases, how the Salvo safety system operates on the site he was working at, at the time.

It didn’t take long before DHL started making an inquiry. With the safety of their personnel top-of-mind, DHL started looking at solutions they could implement to increase safety on the loading dock site. When asked why they chose Salvo to be their safety solutions provider, DHL responded saying that the price and offering was the best they found on the market.

Salvo are experts in the industry with a longtime history of understanding the challenges faced in loading docks, so implementing a solution that safeguarded against unscheduled drive-aways was certainly something they could achieve for DHL.

What followed was the installation. Salvo’s safety solution follows trapped key interlocking principles to enforce a safe sequence of loading and unloading operations. The solution interlocks the trailer’s air brakes with the loading dock door, ensuring that the trailer cannot pull away until the loading or unloading process is complete.

Once the solution was installed, the DHL team made a short video for staff showcasing how the system worked, and what to do, as well as all the relevant on-site safety rules. The drivers soon felt the benefits of the additional safety measure, and have given the installation their full support.

DHL were ultimately very pleased with the solution because it meant that they were keeping their personnel protected on site, and safeguarding against unscheduled drive-aways. Together, DHL and Salvo Loading Dock Safety Solutions created a safe and secure loading dock environment, mitigating human error, and ensuring drivers make it home safely at the end of every day.

For more information about Salvo Loading Dock Safety Systems and what Salvo can do for you and your business, please contact our team of safety experts.