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UPM Shotton Salvo

UPM Shotton chooses Salvo

UPM Shotton, the UK’s largest manufacturer of recycled newsprint, has chosen to protect warehouse staff at its Flintshire site with Salvo, the drive-away safeguard system from Castell.

The company originally considered a vehicle restraint system but was concerned that variations in trailer axle heights might affect the security of dock levellers. An evaluation of the Salvo system convinced UPM that it met its criteria and the system has now been installed on all four of UPM Shotton’s export loading bays.

“Everyone has accepted Salvo quite readily, from the drivers to the operators to the safety reps”, comments Andrew Holt, UPM Shotton’s Customer Supply Controller.

Having reversed the trailer up to the relevant bay, the driver collects a Salvo lock from the storage box and fits it to the exposed emergency airline coupling. This action releases a uniquely-coded key from the end of the Salvo unit and ensures that the trailer is immobilised. The driver can now open the rear door and pass the key to the loader, who positions the dock leveller and inserts the key in the chain barrier access lock. Turning the key releases the chain and isolates the dock leveller, allowing loading or unloading to begin.