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Steel & Metal Safety Solutions

At Sentric, we offer specialised guards for the Steel & Metal Industry.

Steel and metal safety solutions

The Steel & Metal Industry faces numerous challenges and risks

Working in the steel and metal industry can involve various hazards due to the nature of the materials, machinery, and processes involved.

Maintenance workers and machinery operators at the recycling facilities are faced with various risks such as:

Equipment in motion

Chemical and biological risks

Falling from heights

Electrical hazards

Ensuring safety in the Steel & Metal Industry

Elevate workplace safety with our solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures compliance with regulations, fostering a secure work environment. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the Steel & Metal Industry, prioritising safety by safeguarding against errors in predefined operations and effectively protecting personnel and equipment. Sentric interlocks are seamlessly integrated and easy to operate, enhancing procedural safety.

A trapped key interlock solution can safely protect steel & metal equipment.

These solutions can be fully integrated throughout the access doors or covers. The key is either locked in the isolator while the machine is running or in the access lock in manual mode. Where there are multiple access points, an exchange box can be used to access multiple points.



To PROTECT personnel from hazards, ensuring predetermined sequences of operations are followed.


To PREVENT loss of operations and setback due to equipment damage.


To PROVIDE risk control and peace of mind; mitigating human error and ensuring everyone has the right to be safe at work!

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Personalised Solutions

Our team of expert interlock logic professionals and engineers will guide you through every step of the process, offering consultation on best practices and offer the best solutions.

Dedicated Support

A final review of materials will be provided, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to place your order with ease and full supervision to implement the safety solution.

Long-term Maintenance

Once our service team finishes the project, we will keep records of your interlock project to ensure easy access to future updates or changes to your interlock processes.


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