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Industrial Safety Solutions

The industry faces several challenges in maintaining workplace safety, including handling hazardous materials, operating machinery, and providing comprehensive worker training. Our primary objective is to uphold safety standards in these areas to safeguard both employees and the environment.

Power plant illustration, depicting an energy generation facility safety solutions.

We ensure Industrial Sector application safety

Enhance safety

Reducing the risk of accidents in industries is in our DNA. Through our robust and safe mechanism, we ensure that hazardous equipment cannot be operated without a specific process.

Compliance assurance

We provide a reliable way to comply with industry regulations and safety standards. Helping businesses like yours avoid costly fines and legal issues. Our solutions meet specific safety requirements, giving you peace of mind.

Operational efficiency

By seemlessly integrating our systems into your workflow, you can optimise your production process. These solutions steamline equipment access, reduce downtime and enhance overall output.

Tailored industrial safety solutions to suit your needs

Waste & Recycling

We prioritise safety and compliance with regulations by fostering a secure work environment. Our comprehensive approach is tailored to fit the specific needs of the industry, focusing on safeguarding against errors and protecting personnel and equipment during predefined operations. Our Sentric interlocks are easy to operate and seamlessly integrated, providing an additional layer of procedural safety.

Industry and recycling safety solutions
Industry metal and steel safety solutions

Metal and Steel

Ensure your team and equipment are properly supported with our reliable solutions. Our services are designed to mitigate risks associated with heavy machinery accidents, high-temperature processes, electric shock, material handling, high pressure steam, and more.


Our comprehensive approach ensures compliance with regulations, prioritising safety and security. We tailor our solutions to suit the specific needs of the Aggregates Industry, safeguarding against errors in predefined operations and protecting personnel and equipment. Our Sentric interlocks are seamlessly integrated and easy to operate, enhancing procedural safety.

Industry and aggregates safety solutions
Industry safety solutions for pulp and paper

Pulp & Paper

Our safety solutions provide a comprehensive approach to workplace safety, ensuring regulatory compliance and fostering a secure work environment. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Pulp & Paper Industry, we prioritise safety by preventing errors in predefined operations and effectively safeguarding personnel and equipment.


Sentric Safety Group case study

Read this case study and learn more about how we provide top-notch services and solutions tailored to meet your business needs. You will experience exceptional service and effective solutions when you partner with us.

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Over 100 Years of Experience

We believe there is no place for compromise when it comes to ensuring safety in the industrial sector.

With a legacy spanning over a century, our expertise is rooted in a rich history of navigating safety challenges. Count on our proven insights and innovative approach to provide you with the safety solution best suited to your needs.

Safety is non-negotiable in this sector. Our unwavering commitment ensures that every aspect of operations is upheld to the highest standard, fostering a secure future for your business.








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