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Transmission & Distribution Safety Solutions

The safety of the energy transmission and distribution network is crucial. Our role is to develop safe and innovative solutions to meet the needs to this sector and give both employers and stakeholders peace of mind.

Electrical substation for energy transmission and distribution, a vital part of power infrastructure.

We ensure energy transmission & distribution safety

Energy transmission and distribution systems are essential for operation reliability. This sector faces daily challenges to safety, including congestion, renewable integration, as well as energy loss. We can take on these challenges and ensure grid stability, efficiency, and ultimate safety.


Ensures only authorised personnel can access high-voltage areas, reducing risks to workers and preventing unauthorised tampering.


Safeguards maintenance procedures by ensuring equipment isolation, preventing accidental activation, and enhancing worker safety.


Controls access to high-voltage transformation equipment, minimising hazards and ensuring safe voltage manipulation.

Safety solutions tailored to energy transmission & distribution

In the domain of energy transmission and distribution, safety is paramount due to the inherent risks involved. The sector necessitates stringent safety measures to protect both personnel and the infrastructures.

Trapped key interlock systems provide a tailored safety solution by controlling access to critical equipment.

By aligning with energy transmission and distribution challenges, we play a pivotal role in safeguarding operations in the sector.

Where can trapped key solutions be found?

Trapped key interlock solutions are essential in energy transmission and distribution.

This technology is commonly found in substations, switchgear, LOTO procedures, transformer yards, control centres, and remote operations to enhance safety and control.

Safety solutions allows us to

Access control

Ensure authorised access only to high-risk areas like substations and transformer yards.

Sequence control

Enforce correct operation sequences for critical equipment to reduce the risk of electrical faults.

Lockout/Tagout compliance

Facilitate strict compliance with LOTO procedures
and isolate energy sources during maintenance.

Remote operations

Ensure that specific safety conditions are met before activating remote-controlled devices.

Operator safety

Enhance operator safety in control centres by enforcing precise procedures.


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