Sentric unites Castell, Kirk, Salvo, STI & Zonegreen

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Introducing the Sentric Group

Leading safety solutions for over 100 years. 

The Sentric Group has been dedicated to keeping people safe in harsh and safety-critical working environments across the globe for over a century. Let us help safeguard the long-term protection of your people, productivity and reputation today.

Sentric unites the world’s leading brands for the long-term protection of people & productivity.

Our specialist safety solution brands, Castell, Kirk, STI, Salvo and Zonegreen are highly respected and share one ethos: No compromise on safety. This means that you can confidently put your trust in us to reduce risk, lower costs and ensure the compliance of your business.

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The sectors of industry we service and our trusted safety solutions.

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A dedicated team ready to assist you

You can be assured that behind every product and safety solution we offer, is a team of people who are committed to safeguarding your business, your people, and your reputation.

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Explore the sectors of industry we service and find the safety solution best suited to your business.

ABOUT sentric

Over 100 years of experience

We believe there is no place for compromise when it comes to ensuring safety in harsh and safety-critical work environments.

You can confidently put your trust in us to reduce risk, lower costs and ensure full compliance. Our highly respected brands stand united, and together offer you a range of safety solutions suited to your business needs.








Why do Industry Leaders
choose Sentric?

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Trusted safety experts

We’ve been keeping people safe at work for over 100 years. So you can confidently put your trust in us. We’ll use our industry-leading expertise to help you solve your unique safety challenges, reduce risk, lower costs and keep your business protected and fully compliant.

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Long-term protection

We ensure the safety of your employees by designing products that aren’t just ultra-reliable but that are engineered to be tough and long-lasting to withstand even the most demanding and harsh work environments.

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Tailored solutions

Whatever your safety challenges, we can create a bespoke solution around them. By combining our industry-leading expertise and in-house manufacturing capabilities we also make sure that each tailored solution is delivered on time, every time.

We partner together

At Sentric, we take your business safety concerns as seriously as you do. We understand the importance of safeguarding your business, people and reputation, and for this reason we will partner with you at every step of the process to ensure the best possible outcome.

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