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New Year, New Safety Solution with Salvo

The New Year is in full swing, and if you’re a logistics company working in retail, you might be sighing a well-deserved sigh of relief now that the festive season has come to a close.  
Christmas and New Year come with an influx of orders for goods purchased, and place pressure on loading bay facilities, and the employees who work hard to get orders shipped out in time. With this added pressure can come mistakes, mistakes which can put the safety of employees at serious risk.  
If you’re looking to kick off 2024 with new safety measures in place to mitigate risk at times of excess pressure and set yourself up for a safer festive season this year, then Salvo could be the solution for you and your business. 

Don’t be a statistic

The loading bay, as you will know, is an essential component of many industrial and commercial facilities, serving as a hub for the movement of goods between trucks and warehouses or storage areas. However, the loading bay is notorious for being one of the most hazardous areas in any facility.  
Each year, thousands of accidents occur during loading and unloading processes, leading to injuries, damaged goods, and costly downtime. According to ISHN, it is estimated that loading bays account for 25% of all industrial accidents. As operation and logistic managers, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees, equipment, and products, so that you don’t contribute to an already frightening statistic like this one.

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How does it work?

Salvo has been a trusted brand in loading bay safety and efficiency solutions for nearly twenty years and is a leader in safeguarding against safety concerns like accidental drive-aways. Implementing a safety solution can also optimise the flow of goods, making for a safer and more efficient loading bay. But how does it work? 

Salvo utilises trapped key interlocking principles to drive a forced sequence of safe loading or unloading operations. The loading bay safety solution interlocks the trailer’s air brakes with the loading bay door, ensuring that the trailer cannot pull away until the loading or unloading process is complete. 
For those interested in the detail of how this works, first the Salvo Susie lock is applied onto the trailer’s emergency brake coupling. The trapped key can only be released once this condition is met. This will ensure that the brakes are locked, and the air pressure cannot be re-applied. Access can then only be safely granted once the key is inserted into the Salvo control panel or door lock. During the loading or unloading, the key will be trapped in the control panel or door lock and can only be removed once loading or unloading is complete, and the bay door is locked closed. 

When loading or unloading is complete and the key has been released from the control panel or door lock, the key is inserted into the Salvo Susie lock. The Susie lock can now be removed, and the driver can drive away safely.

Why choose Salvo?

The Salvo safety solution is quick and simple to install and is low maintenance once installation has taken place, which eliminates downtime and the costs associated with maintaining complex mechanical systems. It is also compatible with US, EU, and UK style couplings, is swap body compatible, and offers a component alarm system ensuring system compliance.   
Salvo also goes beyond safeguarding against accidental drive-aways at the loading bay; it extends its protection to a diverse range of loading structures. With a firm commitment to safety, we have developed a revolutionary system that ensures not only secure loading bay operations but also safeguards various other loading scenarios. Whether it’s a loading bay, gangway platform, open loading platforms, or any other loading environment, Salvo is here to provide you with peace of mind and an unmatched level of safety. 
As experts in the industry, we understand that the challenges your facility may face could be unique, so for that reason we provide customisable solutions to meet each facility’s specific needs too. With tens of thousands of loading bays fitted around the world, we are a trusted partner for many loading bays, and we can be for yours too.

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Optimise performance and track results

We also know that when it comes to loading bay operations, manual data entry can introduce the risk of inaccuracies and make for time-consuming processes, adding unnecessary costs to the operation. That’s why Salvo InSite, our web-based software add-on, is an option for businesses looking to gain valuable performance insights while keeping the loading bay safe. It offers real-time bay status, performance analytics, and traceability reports – ensuring maximised efficiency at the loading bay is achieved while keeping personnel safe.

Ultimate peace of mind this year

Salvo safety and efficiency solutions provide facilities with peace of mind knowing that personnel are safe and loading operations are efficient. For more information about Salvo and our safety solutions, please read more at and get in touch.  
We look forward to being your partner in loading bay safety and efficiency this year, and for years to come.