Sentric unites Castell, Kirk, Salvo, STI & Zonegreen

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Bringing together the world’s best safety solutions, making for a seamless customer experience.

Sentric Safety Group website

To consistently help businesses across the globe ensure the long-term protection of people, productivity, and business reputation, the Sentric Safety Group has united the world’s best safety solutions and trapped-key interlock brands.

With a newly launched website housing all Castell, Kirk, Serv Trayvou (STI), Salvo and Zonegreen products and solutions-based information, customers both longstanding and new can now see all information across all the available product brands, in one place.

It’s intuitive and easy to use, and provides additional customer support to all those in the Sentric Safety Group network.

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Why are these product brands coming together?

It’s simple. By bringing together the world’s best safety companies, we can offer our customers a wider range of products, and a larger team of global experts with regional knowledge.

What does this mean for customers?

Customers who have dealt with any one of the Sentric Safety Group product brands in their region up until now can rest assured that essentially, nothing changes. Customers will still receive the best customer service from the people they have always dealt with, and all processes – from orders through to delivery and installation – remain unchanged.

Have Castell, Kirk, STI, Salvo and Zonegreen been bought out, or sold to another company?

No. The Sentric Safety Group is part of the safety sector in Halma PLC group of companies that manufactures, sells, and distributes market-leading safety solutions. Castell, Kirk, STI, Salvo, Sentric China, and Zonegreen have always been owned by Halma PLC, and still are. They are now just united; coming together under one name as a global team of experts to better serve customers around the world, across a number of sectors.

Where do I find the product brand information I have used before?

Information for all product brands remains the same. Whether it’s datasheets or catalogues, part numbers or certifications, all documentation and product information is still available as it was before, but on one website alongside other Sentric Safety Group product brands. Check it out on our Brands & Support page.

Does this change things financially?

No. Financially everything remains unchanged. Customers will still receive invoices from the trading companies with whom they have previously done business. For any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

Together for a safer tomorrow

The Sentric Safety Group is ready to offer customers across the globe the best possible online experience, in pursuit of providing the world’s best safety solutions. Customers can confidently put their trust in the Sentric Safety Group and their world-leading product brands to solve unique safety challenges, reduce risk, lower costs, and keep businesses protected and fully compliant.